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Why Community Groups?

Our Community Groups are a central component of our discipleship strategy. We desire to see people grow more and more into the image of Jesus,

and we believe this happens primarily as people come together and apply the gospel in community.

What is a Community Group?

Our community groups are smaller groups of people where we can walk through life together as we each try and follow Jesus.

These groups will give space for real fellowship, biblical instruction and application, prayer, accountability, service, and encouragement.

They are not intended to be a place for simple information exchange one time a week but a group of people

that really know each other and are seeking to pursue Christ together in their daily lives.

How can you get involved in a Community Group?

You can check out our list of Community Groups below.  If you are not sure which group is right for you,

talk to a greeter or our Pastor when you arrive, and we will help get you plugged into a Community Group that will help you in your walk with Christ.  

You can also email communitygroups@fortifiedhills.com for more information about a group that is right for you!


Leaders: Jonathan & Julie Thompson

Description: 20's - 30's

Location: Room #142

Leader: Josh Linker

Description: 20's - 30's

Location: Room #140

Leaders: Rick Parkhill

Description: Adults 50+

Location: Room #134

Leaders: Vickie Delozier

Description: Women 

Location: Room #131

Leaders: Steve Witt & Doug McGriff

Description: Adults 50+

Location: Room #130

Leaders: Kevin Osoinach

Description: 40's - 50's

Location: Room #141

Leader: Paul Dempsey

Description: 18 - 20's

Location: Youth Trailer

Leader: John Stark

Description: 20's - 30's

Location: this group meets off campus during the week

Leaders: Doug Hassler & Dennis Deal

Description: Adults 50+

Location: Room #132

Leaders: Dean Holt

Description: Adults 50+

Location: Room #133

Leader: Jon Hamilton

Description: Adults 30's - 40's

Location: Room #143


Leader: Sarah Tinkle

Grades: 6th - 8th Girls

Location: Room #112

Leader: LeAnn Dempsey

Grades: 9th - 12th Girls

Location: Room #111

Leader: Mike Smith

Grades: 6th - 8th Boys

Location: Room #113

Leader: Zach Tinkle

Grades: 9th - 12th Boys

Location: Room #114